June 29, 2024


 ... with crochet flowers. This jacket has been in the making for about 18 months. It was totally forgotten and hidden in a yarn bag. 

June 25, 2024

Opal Sock Yarn: A Symphony of Color and Comfort

Opal sock yarns are like a canvas for your creativity. Here’s why they’re loved by knitters and crocheters:
Knitting Projects with Opal Sock Yarn
Opal sock yarns come in delightful self-striping patterns, making each sock a mini work of art. The softness ensures comfort and durability, so they’ll withstand crawling and wiggling.
Opal sock yarns aren’t just for socks! Knit a lightweight baby outfit with lovely colors. The wool content provides warmth, while the nylon ensures easy care.
For a more intricate project, knit a baby cardigan. Opal yarns create charming stripes, and the finished cardigan will be cherished for years. Imagine your little one wrapped in handmade love.

June 21, 2024

I wanted to share a new project ...

A while back I completed a cozy long vest/jacket for the upcoming cooler season, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It's made with a beautiful wool blend yarn that is so soft and warm.
Knitting this vest/jacket was challenging, but seeing the final product was rewarding.
I can't wait to wear it on cooler days and show off all the hard work that went into creating it. Knitting brings me so much joy, and I love sharing my passion with you on my Knitting Blog.
What have you been knitting lately? I would love to hear about your latest projects and get inspiration for my next knitting endeavor. Let's keep the knitting community thriving and continue to support each other in our creative pursuits.
Happy knitting, everyone!

June 14, 2024

A unique stylish beanie to add to your wardrobe.

This beanie will surely be a stylish and adorable addition to any outfit. The contrasting crochet edge adds a unique touch, and the fur pom-pom and crochet flower embellishments give it a fun and playful flair. The ribbed design ensures a snug and comfortable fit, making it a practical accessory for those chilly days. With just a few simple techniques, you can create a one-of-a-kind beanie that will keep you warm and stylish all winter. So, grab your yarn and needles, and get started on making this cute little beanie today!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a cute and cozy beanie, starting with an I-cord and incorporating crochet stitches for a special touch. 

To begin, create an I-cord using a contrasting color and close it in the round using a slip stitch. 

Then, switch to stockinette stitch and knit 20 rounds before transitioning to a 2 by 2 ribbing pattern. 

To finish off the beanie, decrease by knitting two knit stitches together and purling two purl stitches until only 8 stitches remain. 

Cut the yarn, weave it through the remaining stitches, and secure a fun fur pom-pom on top for a trendy look. 

For an extra touch of charm, sew a crocheted flower onto the side of the beanie and fashion a ribbon from the excess I-cord to add a playful detail. 

With these simple steps, you can create a cute and cozy beanie that will make you look fashionable and warm all season long. 

So gather your materials, follow the instructions, and get ready to rock this adorable accessory! Happy crafting!

June 11, 2024

Dreaming of a Mobile Yarn Shop Adventure

Reflecting on my past yarn shop venture in Azusa, California brings back a flood of memories. Opening that shop with a friend was a dream come true, filled with the joy of yarn and creativity. However, life took unexpected turns, and my teaching career demanded more of my time than I had anticipated.

In 2010, I made the difficult decision to sell my share of the yarn shop, stepping away from that world I had grown to love. Now, in my semi-retired state, the longing for another yarn shop adventure lingers. The idea of opening a traditional shop seems daunting with soaring rent prices, but a new vision has sparked in my mind—a Mobile Yarn Shop. Yarn Mobile!

The concept of a mobile shop, like a cozy yarn-filled minibus, excites me. I recently spotted a library bus at the park, with its inviting seating area and shelves filled with books. Imagining that space transformed into a haven for yarn, notions, and pattern books fills me with excitement and possibility.

Sadly, many yarn shops in my area have closed their doors, leaving only a couple standing. The thought of bringing the joy of yarn directly to the community, especially in areas where these beloved shops have disappeared, feels like a calling.

I used AI to help me visualize this dream—a minibus brimming with colorful yarns, a welcoming seating area, and shelves lined with inspiration. The idea of a Mobile Yarn Shop feels like a breath of fresh air, a way to reignite my passion for knitting and share it with others in a unique and accessible way.

As I continue to ponder this dream, I am reminded that sometimes the most innovative ideas come from a place of nostalgia and longing. Who knows where this journey will take me next, but for now, I'm excited to explore the possibility of a Mobile Yarn Shop adventure.

June 9, 2024

Some ideas for incorporating I-cords into your knitting projects:

I-cords, those delightful little tubes of knitting magic, have a way of adding whimsy and versatility to our projects. Let’s unravel why experimenting with I-cords can be so much fun. Experimenting with different yarn weights, colors, and stitch patterns can also open endless possibilities for incorporating I-cords into knitting projects.

Just think about the texture and Dimensions of your project for a moment: I-cords are like playful ribbons on a gift box. They introduce a contrasting texture and dimension to your knitting. Whether you’re working on a cozy scarf or a chunky pullover, an I-cord edging, or tie can instantly elevate the overall look.

Or how about a simple beanie with a braided I-cord loop hanging off the top—a touch of flair that turns an essential hat into a statement piece. A few weeks ago, I did just that.

Your project's customization is unlimited. I-cords are your artistic playground. You can experiment with different yarn weights, colors, and stitch patterns. Try a variegated yarn for a playful effect or a metallic thread for glamour.

For a scarf, consider attaching a removable I-cord fringe. You can swap it out whenever you want a fresh look without committing to permanent trimming.

I-cords aren’t just decorative; they’re functional too. Use them as drawstrings for hoodies or cinch the waist of a cardigan. They add a touch of practical elegance.

An adjustable, unique, and stylish pullover with I-cord lacing along the sides. It’s like having a built-in waist shape!

Embrace the endless possibilities by playing around and experimenting with I-cords. Don’t limit yourself to the usual applications. How about an I-cord headband or shoelaces for your sneakers?

Beanies can sport I-cord loops for attaching cute charms or buttons. It’s the little surprises that make your knitting uniquely yours. Or how about sewing I-cords onto the tops of socks for a fun and distinguishing design element.

So, whether knitting a scarf, a pullover, or anything in between, let I-cords dance across your needles. They’re the whimsical details that turn ordinary projects into extraordinary ones.

Happy knitting! Have fun exploring and getting creative with this versatile knitting technique! 🧶✨


June 3, 2024

Something New - Something Different

Hey there, knitting enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the world of Yarnology and explore a fun technique - knitting an I-cord and using it as a foundation row to create a unique pattern. Picture this: using variegated, also called self-pattern sock yarn for a twist of colors and solid color sock yarn for a cool visual effect.

For this project, we'll be crafting a scarf in a horizontal knitting back and forth 580 stitches in stockinette stitch, featuring a single knit row of a 6-stitch front cable. Grab your Yarnology tool and let's get started! Begin with the solid color sock yarn, knit 4 rows, introduce the cable row on the 5th, knit 6 more rows, and close off the 6-stitch front cable section.

Next up, switch to the variegated sock yarn and knit 20 rows to add some flair. To finish off the scarf, work an 8-row 2x2 ribbing border in both colors. Once the ribbing is complete, knit 4 more rows in garter stitch before binding off.

To complete the look, repeat the same pattern and color sequence for the second half of the scarf by picking up 580 stitches on the other part of the I-cord. And there you have it - a stylish and eye-catching scarf that showcases your knitting skills and creativity. Happy knitting!

Now pick up and knit 62 stitches from the scarf end edges and repeat the finishing edge of the scarf, work an 8-row 2x2 ribbing border in both colors. Once the ribbing is complete, knit 4 more rows in garter stitch before binding off.