April 15, 2024

Red Slouchy Magallanes Beret Sirdar Escape DK

Sirdar Escape DK is a delightful yarn that combines rich colors and subtle stripes. 

Escape DK is perfect for a variety of projects, from cozy sweaters to accessories. As you knit, you’ll enjoy the subtle stripes and the vibrant interplay of colors. Let your creativity flow with this versatile yarn!
Fiber Composition:  A blend of 51% wool and 49% acrylic.
Weight: Escape  DK (Double Knitting) 
Yardage: 50-gram 120 yards
Gauge:  US needle size 6, 22 stitches.
Recommended Needle and Hook Sizes:Needle: 4.0 mm (US 6 / UK 8)
Hook: 5.0 mm (US 6 / UK H8)


April 12, 2024

Cable-Lace Beanie with Pom-Pom

Pictured Beanie was knitted in the round on a 16-inch circular size 7 needle, yarn used:
Loops & Threads Impeccable, 285 yds/4.5 oz
Size 7 (4.5 mm) or size needed for gauge
Cable needle and 4 sock needles for top decrease

20 sts and 26 rows = 4" in stocking stitch.

C4F = Slip the next 2 stitches onto the cable needle and leave it in front of the work. Knit 2 stitches, then knit 2 stitches from the cable needle.
Sl1P = slip next st purlwise.
C4F = Slip 2 stitches on the cable needle and hold it in front of the work
Yo = yarn over

Start your beanie by casting on a multiple of 10 stitches,
100 stitches for child size and 120 stitches (using size 8 needles, Adult size only). Close the stitches into a circle, making sure not to twist the stitches.
Knit 6 rounds
Purl 1 round

Panel Pattern sequence of 8 rows:
1st round: *P2. K4. P2. K2tog. yo.* Rep from * to *
2nd round: *P2. K4. P2. K2.* Rep from * to *
3rd round: *P2. K4. P2. yo Sl1. K1. psso.* Rep from * to *
4th round: *P2. K4. P2. K2.* Rep from * to *
5th round: *P2. K4. P2. K2tog. yo. * Rep from * to *
6th round: *P2. K4. P2. K2.* Rep from * to *
7th round: *P2. C4F. P2. yo. Sl1. K1.* psso. * Rep from * to *
8th round: *P2. K4. P2. K2.* Rep from * to *
These 8 rounds structure the Panel Pat.

For child size work the Panel Pattern 5 times more, adult size 7 times more.
Decrease Round 1:
As stitches appear: *P2tog, K2tog, twice, P2tog, K2tog,* Rep from * to *
Decrease Round 2: 
same as Round 1, purl the purl stitches together, knit the knit stitches together
Continue in that fashion until you have 10 stitches left. Cut the yarn, leaving a long enough tail to sew on the pompom. Pull the yarn through the remaining 10 stitches, secure the stitches, and sew the pom-pom on, covering the top of the beanie.

April 10, 2024

Bavarian Jacket

Back in 2009 while browsing a knitting dictionary, I stumbled upon a project that immediately caught my attention. I recognized the design from a jacket I used to wear as a little girl while growing up in Bavaria. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to try it and see if I could recreate that jacket. With memories of my childhood flooding back to me, I grabbed my knitting needles and got started. The process of knitting that jacket was both challenging and fulfilling. Although there were times when I felt frustrated with my progress, I persevered and, in the end, created a beautiful jacket that brought back fond memories of my childhood.

April 7, 2024

Cable Beanie with Pom-Pom

The project outlined is a simple beginner's knitting project that involves using a 16-inch round needle and bulky yarn. To begin, using 5 mm knitting needles and cast on 80 stitches or any number that is a multiple of 6. Join the stitches into a round and place a marker.

For the Ribbing,
Round 1 instructions: [k4, p2] - repeating until the ribbing reaches 2.5 to 3 inches in length.

Moving on to the cable pattern, follow these steps:
- Round 1: [C2F, p2] - repeat until the end, slipping the marker
- Rounds 2, 3, and 4: [k4, p2] - repeat until the end of the round, slipping the marker

Continue repeating Rounds 1-4 until the hat measures 8.5 to 9 inches, ending with Round 2.

To shape the crown of Cable Beanie:
- Round 1: [k2tog, k2tog, p2tog] - repeat until the end of the round, slipping the marker
- Round 2: [k2tog, p1] - repeat until the end of the round

Finally, cut the yarn leaving a small tail and thread it through a large yarn needle. Pull the tail through the remaining stitches and sew the pom-pom on top of the beanie. Weave in the ends to finish the project.

April 3, 2024

Easy to Knit Wool Beanie for Beginners

Today’s Knitting Circle was a delightful gathering. I completed my most recent creation, and the ever-gracious Ginny showcased it for everyone’s admiration. 😊

April 1, 2024

Fair Isle Cable Beanie/Hat

It was raining so much the other day, and Little Lu hates the rain so much that she won't even walk. I had to carry her outside to pee, and she ran right back in. I can't blame her; it's cold and wet out there.
I'm sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace, and I just finished knitting a beanie/hat using leftover Fair Isle yarn from a previous project.
I've got a new book, Yeap, another one. "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club is a Novel about a newly widowed mother of two who leaves London to take over her grandmother's wool shop.