April 8, 2020

All our 4-legged kids ...

... our animals are rescues, and we nursed them from their first days of life. Except for Betsy who was rescued by my friend, and we adopted her as a playmate for Tuxedo when she was about 3 months old. Tuxedo we got from our daughter's friend who found him and his siblings in a box left on a busy street corner. Little Lu, our dog was found beaten and stuffed into a trashcan in the local park. She was 6 months old when we adopted her from a homeless person who found her and nursed her. Pugsley was to be euthanized because the local shelter "didn't have a nursery according to the lady behind the counter. He was only a few days old. Last, Luigi, who was rescued from a school site where he and his siblings where poisoned and starved. Sadly his two siblings didn't make it, he was ill for a long time and the vet didn't have much hope that he will survive. Today he is healthy and happy.

Thinking about all the bad stuff our animals had to go through, the abuse and mistreatment humans who supposed to protect them and love them, I concluded, humans are monsters, and if I ever have a wish I would want those laws to change and animal abusers would be punished the same what they did to the animals it should be done to them. Will never happen because people just don't care. People watch and witness abuse and don't say anything... that's sad reality!
                                             Betsy 7, years old

                               Tuxedo 7, years old

                                            Pugsley 4, years old

                                             Luigi, 13, month's old

                                            Little Lu, almost 5, years old

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