April 11, 2020

COVIT-19, weight, and virtual meetings ...

Because of the COVIT-19, all of our schools and organizational meetings, including student interactions are now virtual. This morning we had a CCAE South Coast section board meeting via Zoom. I think I can get used to having meetings online. Is it me, or am I just getting used to the new way of doing things, or am I getting lazy? I assume a little of both! I like having online meetings because it is more efficient and we are not distracted by our surroundings:

About the food and being home all day not going anyplace unless it's a real necessity in the process of not moving around much unless I walk the dog around the neighborhood, I gained about five pounds; What am I going to do? Going on a diet by myself may not bring the results I am hoping for. But doing it together with friends and their friends, and others with the same goal we could build a support group, and losing weight would be more promising. There are free websites we could use to create our food diaries and using a Blog to support each other. In a blog, you could use a fictional name, and no outsider would know who you are. That's it for right now. Message me if you are interested.

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