November 15, 2020

HAPPY SUNDAY MORNING and many other thoughts...

It's Sunday, one more week and I am on Thanksgiving break from work. Can't wait. Thanks to COVID-19 my job has gone from perfect to unbearable. I am old enough to retire, but not sure if I am ready to retire. What will I do all day long?  Today my horoscope is saying... "Future travel, new career and study opportunities, and solutions to difficult situations are in the wind. Your life moves forward. Enjoy this time of progress and accomplishment.   Tonight: A major move regarding your job or residence may be brewing". Well my boss is born in the same month and we share the sign. I would like to hope that this will come true for him. On the other hand there is little point in saying something I have no power over is "good" or "bad". My time maybe better spent doing something else. 

So what am I doing today? Reading the paper, playing with the cats, taking the pooch for a walk and answering emails, making calls I didn't had time during the week. On the knitting front I will start knitting a beanie with an owl motive. 

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