January 17, 2021

MLK holiday weekend…


... and it does not feel like a holiday. Being home and working from home since March everything is the same. Nothing exciting happens and going shopping to get out of the house at least for a short while does not count. Many years ago, back in 2005, I was one of the first instructors from our school to participate in TIMAC (Technology Integration Mentor Academy).  It was fun it was new, and it was exciting to help our teachers to embrace technology. My standard saying at that time was… I love teaching online… you can wear your PJ bottoms and a nice blouse to work. I enjoyed teaching online. It was new and having one class online and the rest of your assignment in class made it fun. One could compare and analyze which type of teaching method is the best for what kind of programs. Fast forward… now everything is only, every subject is taught online do to COVID-19 regardless of if the students are ready or not if the infrastructure is in place and students have the foundation of understanding to learn online.

Not every student is ready for online learning and as fun as it might sound going to class in PJ bottoms, it is not the same as learning (teaching) from within a classroom. I miss my classroom, I miss seeing my students, I miss our study sessions in the Career Center. I miss helping students to visualize their future, helping to get students ready for college, or helping to find jobs.

MLK holiday weekend … it is not feeling like a “great I don’t have to go to work today” holiday. No MLK parade, nothing. Staying home as we stayed home since March 22.2020.


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