May 19, 2021

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🎪 Another big Windows 10 plan bites the dust

Windows 10X was going to be a dramatically redesigned version of Windows 10: First, it would appear on dual-screen devices. Then, it would roll out to other PCs.

Later, Microsoft changed its mind and announced Windows 10X would arrive on traditional PCs first. It had some big new features, like a redesigned interface and container functionality that would isolate desktop applications from each other and from the rest of the Windows operating system.

Now, none of that is happening. A few of Windows 10X’s planned features may arrive on other editions of Windows 10, but Windows 10X is no more. Add it to the pile of failed Windows versions along with Windows 10 in S Mode, Windows 10 S, and Windows RT.

Anyway, Windows 10’s May 2021 Update is out!


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