December 2, 2022


For as long as I remember, I have had a dream of owning a yarn store. I was fortunate to get paid for what I love to do. Although I am an ITIS Computer Information System teacher, I also have teaching credentials for Home Economics, Arts and Crafts, and knitting falls right in this area. Somehow the time was right, and I opened a yarn shop with a fellow knitter, and in 2008 we became co-owners of a yarn store in Azusa. We named the store All About Yarn. It was a great endeavor as it lasted. After my promotion to Associate Professor my time became more occupied with teaching at the college, and I had less time for the yarn shop. I gave up my co-ownership and never filled the void. Now, partly retired, I think more often than not about resurrecting my dream of starting over again owning a yarn shop. Today I took the first step and purchased the old domain name... In the next few weeks, I will start devoting some time to creating a website. Good things take time. Now partly retired, I have time to work on my dream of becoming reality once again. 
Here is a newspaper article about the first All About Yarn shop.

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