September 29, 2023

Cast On, Bind Off

Picture courtesy of KnitPicks

Cast-on and bind-off are techniques used in knitting to create the beginning and ending edges of a knitted piece, respectively. They are essential for giving a finished look to your project.

There are numerous cast-on and bind-off methods available, each with its own characteristics and uses. Some common cast-on methods include the long-tail cast-on, knit cast-on, and cable cast-on. Similarly, popular bind-off methods include the basic bind-off, stretchy bind-off, and picot bind-off.

To provide you with more specific information and instructions on various cast-on and bind-off methods, here are a few helpful links:

"Cast On, Bind Off 54 Step-by-Step Methods" by Leslie Ann Bestor This comprehensive book covers a wide range of cast-on and bind-off techniques with detailed instructions and illustrations. It's a great resource for both beginners and experienced knitters. 
You can find it on Amazon:

"" - This website offers a vast collection of video tutorials on different knitting techniques, including various cast-on and bind-off methods. 
You can access their cast on videos here:

"VeryPink Knits" YouTube Channel - Staci Perry, the creator of VeryPink Knits, has a YouTube channel where she shares detailed video tutorials on knitting techniques. She has several videos specifically dedicated to cast-on and bind-off methods. 
You can check out her channel here:

As for the code, cast-on and bind-off techniques are not directly related to programming code. They are physical techniques used in hand knitting.

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