November 24, 2023

Fingerless Gloves With Matching Beret

As a knitting enthusiast, I know the struggle of having a stash of leftover yarn needed to create a larger project. However, I've found that these small amounts of yarn can still be used to knit small accessories with a big impact.
One of my favorite projects for using leftover yarn is the beret from the E design in the Sirdar 341 Eco wool dk book. For this particular beret in the picture below, I used Regia sock yarn 6-fach in grey and white. However, I couldn't resist putting my own spin on the design by exchanging the simple stripe pattern with a beautiful mesh lace pattern. The special effect was created by changing the color every eight rows, resulting in a stunning and unique look.
In addition to the beret, I also decided to knit a pair of fingerless gloves using my knitting machine. After knitting the gloves, I sewed them together and added ribbing on the upper and lower edges by hand. The result was a pair of stylish and functional gloves that perfectly complemented the beret.
These projects are a perfect example of how a small amount of leftover yarn can be transformed into something beautiful and useful. 
So next time you find yourself with a stash of leftover yarn, don't be discouraged - instead, get creative and see what unique accessories you can knit up!

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