March 10, 2024

Kathleen Taylor Fair Isle Sweater

Many years ago, I came across a beautiful Fair Isle sweater designed by Kathleen Taylor. I was excited to buy the pattern and the yarn offered by Knit Picks. After completing the sweater's body, I had to cut the "steek." I was like, "You want me to do what?" I had no idea what "steek" meant and had to do some research. Eventually, I discovered that "steeks" are used in Fair Isle and other colorful knitted designs in the round, and the fabric is cut between the steeks. Steek refers to the "bridge" you work into your knitting along the vertical axis where you want your piece cut.
Although completing the sweater took me a while, it became my "masterpiece." I wore it with pride until it accidentally went into the dryer and was felted due to the heat. The yarn I used to knit my Fair Isle sweater was made of 100% alpaca fiber. After reading an article about Kathleen Taylor recently, I fondly remembered my Kathleen Taylor Fair Isle sweater.
I searched through my dozens of pattern folders and found the original pattern booklet I purchased from KnitPicks. I am searching for the right yarn and intend to knit this masterpiece again.

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