August 10, 2023

Dreaming of my own Yarn Shop

In my prior post I wrote about All About Yarn, in Azusa, a yarn shop I was co-owner of back in 2008.  But because of my split work schedule it was not a good fit being co-owner of anything. I never lost my desire or interest one day to open a yarn shop again. I read in a daily horoscope in my sign, “that I should start working on making my dreams come true, because lists and plans are not becoming reality on its own. So, I started with #1 on my list… naming my future yarn shop, buying a domain name, and creating a website for my Yarn Shop endeavor. 

The future yarn shop's name is: Verona’s Strickstube. Translation: Verona's Knitting Room click on the shop names above and take a look at the website in the making. 

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