August 14, 2023

Mütze (Beanie) A Beginner's Project

Knit a-longs are a fun way to gain knowledge and experience and make new friends!
I found a beanie on the web knitted by a lady named Ursula Barth. I liked the color, and the easy way it was designed. I took a picture of it and knitted the pattern as I saw it.
Cast on 80 stitches, and K1, P1 ribbing,
About 12 rows in seed stitch Row 1; k1, p1, Row 2; p1 k1, then about 14 rows in stockinette stitch and then again, a few rounds in seed stitches. I knitted 6 rounds, and then started to shape the “crown” by knitting 5 stitches and knitting the next 2 stitches 2tg, twice, doing it twice in an arow will keep the seed stitch pattern flowing. After a decrease row I knitted 1 row then I again knitted a decrease round the same as before. The last 10 stitches on the needle I cut the yarn and used a needle and weaved the yarn through the stitches. After that crocheting the three flowers and sew them on as it was shown on the original picture. It took me about 4 hours to complete. I used needle 8 for the ribbing and needle size 9 to knit the body of the beanie.
It is easy and fun and fast!
Below the original beanie I saw online from a knitter named Ursula Barth. I counted the rows, and re-knitted the design. The original beanie as you can see is child size. I recreated the beanie in medium adult size.  

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