September 13, 2023

Knitting in Details

Sometimes, you come across a project that captivates you with its appearance and intricate details. It sparks your desire to knit it using yarns from your existing collection. As you begin knitting, you may find that some of the pattern's elements could be enhanced through modifications. That's precisely what I did with this particular hat. Instead of following the original pattern to the letter, I opted for a picot cast-on edge, employing the cable method. The pattern includes delicate eyelet rows, complemented by the predominant stockinette stitch. To create this hat, I utilized a size 6 needle, a 16-inch circular needle, and Queensland Collection's Merino Spray, a 100% extra-fine Merino Wool yarn. My resulting hat pattern bears little resemblance to the one I initially admired in "Knitting in Details." I've introduced substantial changes to both the pattern and the color scheme, to the extent that the two hats share only the cast-on edge and the eyelet row in common.

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