April 30, 2024

A new adventure in knitting...

... began with discovering a small but powerful tool - the Yarnology I-cord maker. Loraina, a knitting group member, demonstrated its capabilities, and I was immediately intrigued. Recognizing its potential to speed up creating an I-cord, I wasted no time purchasing one from Hobby Lobby.

With my new gadget, I began a project to knit a beret, starting with an I-cord rim. After some trial and error, I discovered that using sock yarn was the key to success. With the I-cord complete, I picked up enough stitches for a 60cm circumference and began knitting in the round.

I incorporated a color pattern using red heart sock yarn in off-white as I worked. However, I soon realized that the I-cord alone did not create an appealing hatband. I used a second circular needle to create a K1, P1 stitch combination for a 1950s-inspired seed stitch border to remedy this.

I fashioned a small bow from the remaining inches of the I-cord on the hatband to add a finishing touch.

To finish the beret, I decreased the number of stitches in each round until only eight remained, cut the yarn, and left about seven inches. Then, using a large sewing needle, I pulled the yarn through the remaining eight stitches, fastened the stitches, and weaved in the rest of the yarn so that the stitches were secured and not open. My beret is complete.

And with that, my new gadget led me on a creative journey to a beautifully crafted accessory.

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