April 27, 2024

Araucanía Atacama and Schachenmayr Nomotta Yarns

Many years ago, when I was the co-owner of All About Yarn in Azusa, we acquired various colors of Araucanía Atacama yarn. This yarn boasts beautiful hues and delightful variations. It’s made from 100% Alpaca and is recommended for use with a needle size of 7, achieving 18 stitches per 10 cm. Personally, I adore working with this yarn.

I also used Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra as a complementary yarn. Schachenmayr yarn hails from Germany and is crafted from 100% Schurwolle (New Wool). It requires needle sizes 4 and 5 and produces 24 stitches per 10 cm.

Both yarns have their unique qualities, and I appreciate the creative possibilities they offer.

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